Top Ten RIP Fashion Trends

1. Shoulder Pads
In the 1980s, whatever item you purchased, whether it be a t-shirt, a blouse or a jacket, it came with monstrously-sized shoulder pads. This was a fad that crossed over male and female, although was more dominant in females. You could also find shoulder pads of every dimension and thickness in the stores to add to your lovely ensemble. People in the 80s were quite reminiscent of football players.

2. Kriss Kross
In 1992, two 13-year old rappers got signed to make a record. Their manager figured they needed a gimmick so decided that if they wore all their clothes backwards, it would lend more meaning to their group name “Kriss Kross”. Unfortunately, wearing clothes backwards became a fad for a short-lived period of time, and although not everyone caught on to the fad, it still appeared in every school to some degree.

3. Ankle Socks With High Heels
The 1980’s was the era in which this fashion statement was most likely to have been seen, such as in the ZZ Top video “Legs”. The ankle socks, which were even usually a different color than the heeled shoes, were also trimmed with lace, beads and other types of trim. These socks even went over panty hose and were also paired with the 80’s version of the skinny jean.

4. Stirrup Pants
This 1980’s trend didn’t look good on anyone. These pants came in every color of the rainbow, could be as tight as spandex pants and had that elastic stirrup at the bottom which created such a downward pull that almost every person who wore them ended up with a bagged crotch. This made almost everyone who wore them look bigger than they actually were.

5. Hammer Pants, a.k.a. Harem Pants, a.k.a. Parachute Pants
Whatever you would like to call them, when worn they made everyone look like penguins. These were originally created for break dancers in the 1980’s to accommodate their dancing style, but by the early 90’s they ended up extremely baggy, such as what rapper MC Hammer made famous. To top this all off, these pants were made in every color and pattern imaginable and body builders even started to wear these strangely patterned pants wherever they went.

6. Acid Wash Denim
Once again an 80’s style, it again seems to be rearing it’s ugly head. This type of jean wash was created by using chemicals to strip off the top layer of color, leaving a faded look. Acid wash denim even appeared in different colors such as purple and teal, and was made into jeans, jackets, skirts, purses and even the occasional shoe!

7. “Flock of Seagulls” Hair
Bands of the 1980s like “Flock of Seagulls” and “The Thompson Twins” had completely unique hair. “Flock of Seagulls” frontman Mike Score had a bright blond ‘do’ with upbrushed sides and long bangs brushed down to a point that reached his chin. Mainly a man’s hairdo, women could not be outdone in the 80s with their big hair, especially their bangs, and used enough hairspray to take out a city block if a match was present – and even placed big bows in it.

8. Neon
A mid-1980’s trend of bright colors started with a neon-colored oversized sweatshirt; a sweatshirt in which the saying splashed across the front would have been in other neon colors. This was bad enough on it’s own, and then turned up in accessories also; including sunglasses, jelly bracelets, and jelly sandals in hot pink, neon green and yellow. It appeared that everyone was attacked by a highlighter marker.

9. Polyester
The infamous 1970’s thick polyester knit was something to behold. This fabric was used anywhere from children’s jackets and pants to men’s leisure suits. Polyester came in a vast array of strange patterns and colors which added to the fabric became quite unique, such as multi-colored plaid and stripes of all widths.

10. Leg Warmers
Another 80’s trend that is once again returning, started out as something dancers would wear to keep warm. However, in the 1980’s people started wearing them as a fashion accessory. The leg warmer started out as just a wool item, but quickly transformed into cotton and cotton blends. They would be worn with skirts, or even over jeans, and also came in two or sometimes even three-layered colors. Eventually this fashion trend would turn into “slouch socks” – where the leg warmer and a sock ended up as a one-piece accessory instead of as a separate item.