Top Ten Most Under-Rated Cartoon Characters

1. Road Runner
The Road Runner was typically chased by the very hungry Wile E. Coyote, and always came within inches of being caught before outsmarting Wile E. and speeding away. He was vocalized with a signature “beep beep” sound and an occasional tongue noise. This Looney Tunes character was created by animation director Chuck Jones in 1948 for Warner Brothers. The “Beep beep” was recorded by Paul Julian (1949 to 1995), and most recently by Dee Baker.

2. Pig Pen
Pig Pen was always dirty and best known for the cloud of dust and dirt that followed him (which he referred to as “the dust of ancient civilizations”). He first appeared in July of 1954, and Geoffrey Ornstein first gave him his voice – although others have voiced him since then. His character, a friend of Charlie Brown, was created by Charles M. Schulz for ‘Peanuts’. The last episode he appeared in was in September of 1999.

3. Betty Rubble
Elizabeth “Betty” McBricker Rubble was the dark-haired wife of Barney Rubble, who lived in the prehistoric city of Bedrock on the Flintstones cartoon. She was based on Trixie Norton of the 1950s TV series “The Honeymooners”. Betty socialized with Wilma, the wife of Fred Flintstone and they routinely worked together to bail their husbands out of trouble. She was voiced by Bea Benaderet from 1960-1964, Gaye Autterson from 1971-1985, and others since then.

4. Marvin the Martian
This Warner Brothers Looney Tunes character first appeared in July of 1948. He was first called “Commander X” and was initially shown in only five original cartoon shorts. Appearing as a nemesis to Bugs Bunny, he was a destructive and dangerous character in a roman soldier’s uniform who was also quiet and soft-spoken. Marvin was originally voiced by Mel Blanc and later by B. Bergen, J. Alaskey, and E. Goldberg.

5. Granny
Granny co-starred with Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird in the Looney Tunes animated cartoon shorts of the ’50s and ’60s. She was an old-fashioned spinster with spectacles, gray hair in a bun, and 19th century dress. A kind and gentle lady until Tweety was threatened, she would often use her umbrella as a weapon.

6. Tom
Tom, a russian-blue colored cat, was usually seen as the loser in his never-ending rivalry with Jerry the mouse in this cartoon short. However, he would sometimes triumph, or both Tom and Jerry would come to a compromise. Other than occasionally singing, or screaming, he was not given a voice.

7. Smurfette
Smurfette had long blonde wavy hair, long eyelashes and wore a white dress and white high heeled shoes. She was originally introduced as a spy that was intent on infiltrating the Smurfs domain – but she was invited to stay. The love interest of every Smurf, she was voiced by Lucille Bliss.

8. Mighty Mouse
This 1940’s Terrytoons Studio character was originally created as a Super House Fly by Izzy Klein, but then changed into a mouse by studio head Paul Terry. Created as a parody to Superman, Mighty Mouse was a superhero who could fly, had super-mouse powers such as incredible strength, and who had many love interests. He was originally voiced by Roy Halee, and later by T. Morrision.

9. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Dr. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is a character on The Simpsons who is the owner of the Kwik-E-Mart, and who also has a PhD in computer science. He is married with eight children: octuplets named Anoop, Gheet, Nabendu, Poonam, Priya, Sandeep, Sashi and Uma. He sells overpriced, low quality products which often times have passed their expiration date (and which he is never seen to consume). Created by Matt Groening, Apu is voiced by Hank Azaria.

10. Simon
Alvin and The Chipmunks aired in 1983 until 1990 on NBC and was based on The Alvin Show from 1961/62. The character Simon was the brother of Alvin and was the tallest of the chipmunks, who were also a musical group. He had an extremely high I.Q., was a realist, and was the most responsible of the young chipmunks. Simon was voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Jr. of Bagdasarian Productions.