Top Ten All-Time Classic Board Games

Players: 2
Type: Race
The first of two players to remove their pieces after moving them around the board wins the game of Backgammon. Rolls of the dice enable movement in opposite directions to either avoid or hit an opponent piece back to Start.

Players: 2
Type: Strategy
Chess is a fiercely competitive and complicated strategy-based game where intellect and tactical memory play a large role in the effort to Checkmate an opponents King, or leave it without an opportunity to evade capture.

Players: 2
Type: Strategy
Checkers is a classic strategy-based board game. On diagonal movement of pieces within designated color, the game is won by capturing all opponent pieces, jumping over them until none remain.

Players: 3-6
Type: Mystery
Players are considered the suspects of a murder on a board divided into four rooms in a mansion. Clues to the mystery are revealed by suggestion until an accusation is made to determine who the criminal is.

Players: 2
Type: Strategy
Also known as Weiqi, Igo, or Baduk, Go is played on a grid with black and white pieces with the goal to increase your own territory, while decreasing your opponents, by removing opponent pieces as they are surrounded on the board.

Players: 2-8
Type: Real Estate
Controlling real estate is the goal in a game of Monopoly. Turns around the board allow a player the opportunity to acquire property or be forced to pay a fee when landing on property owned by an opponent.

Players: 2-6
Type: War
World domination determines the winner in the classic game of Risk. Player strategy, and luck based on the roll of the dice, dictates battles within wars declared between opposing nations on the board.

Players: 2-4
Type: Word
Scrabble is a game that awards points for forming words from letter tiles given to a player on each turn. Each letter is assigned a point value, and words must be created on the board adjoined to words that already exist on the board.

Players: 2-4
Type: Race
By sliding around the board in pursuit of opponents, a player wins the game of Sorry by attempting to get all of his or her pieces, or pawns, from Start, into the safety zone, and then into Home.

Trivial Pursuit
Players: 2-24
Type: Trivia
In the effort to correctly answer questions in six categories, such as Science, Sports, and Entertainment, a Trivial Pursuit player wins the game by acquiring Pie pieces for each category.