Most Popular Men’s Magazines

First Published: 1933
Founded during the Great Depression, Esquire is a men’s magazine that has emphasized “the interests, the curiosity, the passions, of men” for 75 years.

First Published: 1953
Founded by Hugh Hefner, Playboy is one of the best known brand names in the world, and its magazine, published worldwide, sells three millions copies monthly in the United States alone.

Sports Illustrated
First Published: 1954
Sports Illustrated has over three million subscribers to its weekly magazine, and each issue is read by over 23 million people. SI is also popular for its pictorials of top models in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

First Published: 1957
Originally known as the “Gentlemen’s Quarterly”, GQ is an upscale monthly magazine focusing on fashion, style, and culture for men through articles ranging from food to fitness, travel to technology.

First Published: 1985
Also known as “For Him Magazine”, FHM is an international men’s entertainment magazine, originating in the United Kingdom, and publishing monthly pictorials and articles on games, movies, music, and models.

Men’s Health
First Published: 1987
Men’s Health is the world’s best selling men’s magazine, with 12 million monthly readers of 38 editions worldwide. The publication covers topics ranging from fitness to nutrition, sexuality to lifestyle.

First Published: 1988
Details is a monthly men’s magazine that has been extensively redesigned over the years to reposition itself as an upscale fashion magazine for males interested in fashion, lifestyle, social and political topics.

Men’s Fitness
First Published: 1988
Originally named “Sports Fitness”, Men’s Fitness features articles centering around fitness, nutrition, sports, as well as provides advice on fashion and lifestyle.

First Published: 1995
Originating from the United Kingdom, Maxim is an international magazine for men that offers pictorials of popular models and articles covering various lifestyles to a circulation of 2.5 million readers.

Ask Men
First Published: 2000
The largest lifestyle-oriented online magazine out there for men, the website is free to browse, with international editions catering to visitors in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.