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Recent Top Tens


Top Ten Wackest Rap Lyrics Ever

The philosophical concept of yin and yang is based on the idea that completely opposite forces are still interconnected. In the hip-hop world, these contradictory counterparts are the chosen value judgements of rap fans worldwide: dopeness and wackness. While one stands for greatness, the other not so much, both are thought of in black-and-white terms […]


Top Ten Dumbest Laws Still in Existence

The grand old Constitution and accompanying Bill of Rights might grant every citizen a certain amount of freedom, but that doesn’t mean that your everyday life isn’t subject to being curtailed by laws. Some of those laws, such as, say, the law prohibiting murder, seem like pretty sound pieces of legislation. But throughout the annals […]


Top Ten Best Brands of Malt Beverages

Going to college in a small-town rural setting, our options on any given weekend night were limited. Or maybe we just limited ourselves: we could have gone to the movies, or gone hiking, or tried to make friends outside of campus and entered a local social scene that way. But no, that would have required […]


Top Ten Great Ideas That Will Never Work

History is filled with wondrous inventions that have changed our lives forever: the light bulb, the car, penicillin, the Internet. This has led to a belief in many that innovation can and will accomplish anything, and that it’s only a matter of time before all the fantastic technologies and ideas we dream of become a […]


Top Ten Cover Songs More Popular Than the Original

The concept of the cover song has existed for about as long as music has. In some cases, good covers take on lives of their own; they transform a song’s meaning, help it or its writer find a new audience, and sometimes turn a throw away a major hit. Here are the top ten that […]


Top Ten Outrageously Expensive Food Ingredients

When wandering the grocery aisle it’s easy to get stuck in the quality versus price dilemma. Free range, organic, local or factory, GMO, from Mexico. However, the most expensive ingredients – like these ten – you’ll almost never see at your neighborhood grocery. For good reason, as only the priciest restaurants or most extravagant gourmands could […]


Top Ten Terrifying Literary Monsters

Literature is an amazing medium. It has the power to bring us joy, make us laugh—or fill us with terror. No movie gore and computer generated fiend can match the cold horror that arises from the grim images spun in our minds by a talented author. Here, we have gathered together the most chilling monsters […]


Top Ten Movies That Obliterated Careers (or Should Have)

Every week, distributors release a large number of films into the world, which then find themselves in an even larger number of theaters to be watched by the massive number of people that make up the movie going public. In the best case scenario, an audience and critics alike celebrate the movie, and the people […]


Top Ten Most Inaccurate Rap Lyrics

Rappers are never shy when it comes to boasting about their brain smarts. Countless rap songs have been based around the simple-but-egotistical premise of a rapper asserting their lyrical brilliance and worldly intelligence. But they don’t always get it right, with even worldwide icons like Jay-Z, Outkast and Run-DMC copping to some gross lyrical inaccuracies […]


Top Ten Celebrity Twitter Feuds

Because celebrities are self-absorbed and arguably certifiable humanoids who latch on to the hottest trends at the their PR flacks’ collective cue, it only makes sense that beefing between Hollywood’s A-through-Z-Listers traveled from the streets to (cyber)space with the advent of Twitter.  Thanks to Ashton Kutcher, who himself had a back-and-forth battle with CNN about […]